Tips for Eating in Chicago for New Visitors

While the City of Chicago has some great dining restaurants that you can visit and enjoy a variety of dishes from deep-dish pizza, groundbreaking cocktail bars and America’s best steaks from places such as the Gibson’s Steakhouse Chicago. The city has a wide array of restaurants as well as street vendors where you can get quality food.

A good way of enjoying a nice meal in Chicago is by eating while enjoying a nice view of the city. The waterfront Boathouse Café at Humboldt Park is a great place to enjoy a sumptuous meal while having a nice view of the park. However, if you are looking for the hottest restaurants in Chicago to dine in, consider going to the Pacific Standard Time that has an amazing California cuisine.

Alternatively, if you love both Korean and Italian food, you can opt to go to Passerotto as it has a combination of both cuisines. The Aba, located in the Fulton market, offers you a Mediterranean dining experience and is on a gorgeous rooftop space. However, try and make a reservation first or else you might find all the tables full and have to look for a plan B.

Chicago is known for its style of pizza that includes deep dish pizza. If you ask the locals, they’re sure to recommend you to try out Lou Malnati’s if you want some deep dish pizza or the Pequod’s of you are looking for caramelized crust. Different pizza joints offer different styles of pizza so you won’t end up regretting your choice.

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