Dill Pickle Food Co-op

If you make it to only one Co-op meeting this year...

...make it the Dill Pickle Food Co-op Annual Member Meeting! This year's meeting will be held at the Logan Square Kitchen (2333 N. Milwaukee) on Sept. 30 at 7PM. Last year, 32 members came to the library to meet the board and their fellow co-op members, and were among the very first to hear the news about the signing of the lease at our new space. Board members gave updates on the Dill Pickle's membership outreach and strategies, co-op business planning, the product selection process, and co-op finances. Of course, being a food co-op, we ended the meeting with lots of good food and discussion of the goals we wanted to work on during the upcoming year.


Job Posting: General Manager

See our jobs posting page for further details on this exciting opportunity.

Note: our search for a general manager has closed, and we will be announcing our hiring decision soon! Be sure to check back regularly for additional job postings!


Renovation has begun!

We're excited to announce that renovation work on our storefront at 3039 W Fullerton has finally begun! Work started on Monday, July 27, and is expected to take about 7 weeks. The Dill Pickle should be able to open its doors shortly after renovation ends (2-4 weeks). Click here to see photos and video taken at the end of the first week of demolition and renovation, and be sure to check back regularly to watch the progress!


Get involved

We are getting so close to being able to shop at our neighborhood grocery store... but opening the doors requires a lot of TIME and ENERGY. Many people are working tirelessly to make this reality come true, but we need more PEOPLE POWER! The majority of our work takes place in committees, so please consider joining a committee. If you have other ideas or want to get involved in a different sort of way, please email me. We'll get you connected...

FINANCE COMMITTEE (contact: Payton Chung - paytonc@gmail.com) - Just as it sounds... This committee is responsible for the member loan campaign and securing the remainder of the necessary finances to open the store. Anyone who has a background in grant writing, banking, accounting, and other financial services is encouraged to supply your knowledge. No knowledge is necessary if you have a desire to learn about these matters.


Member Loan Program launched!

The Board of Directors, with leadership from the Finance Committee, has formally launced the Co-op's Member Loan Program.  Visit the web-page for to learn more about this important fundraising effort the Co-op is making as it prepares to open the store this Spring.