List of Tasks



1.Working with Gretchen (one of our members who does graphic design) on the following:
a. getting grocery bags with our logo and cooperative principles screen printed on them
b. getting t-shirts made (we still need to find a good company)
c. submitting an add for a church newsletter for the "Future of Food" film screening
d. getting the postcard version of our flier made and printed
e. getting the flier spruced up and printed in larger quantities
2. I want to have the 7 cooperative principles and brief explanations of each one printed and framed for display at Co-op events (I have a version that can be used as a source).
3. Setting up a system for organizing volunteers who want to help fix-up the space and coordinating that with the building owners
4. Looking into the Coop Exchange Program. They are a group of co-ops in the Midwest that have formed an alliance to have more negotiating power with distributors like UNFI. We need to find out if we can join them and how much it costs.
5. Researching the Blooming Prairie Foundation grant program
6. Going through the working list of co-ops that I found in the Chicago area, making sure they are cooperatively run. Continuing to search for other co-ops in Chicago. Eventually contacting each of these co-ops directly to form relationships with them. I have a letter drafted and I have all of the paper and envelopes.
7. Following-up with Laura Brazas, who volunteered to co-host an event and book signing. We have tentatively set this event for mid Oct.

Scott: (updated 9/10/07)
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