Co-op digest for August/September

Storefront on Fullerton and Sacramento:
Great news! The co-op's Board of Directors voted at its August meeting to pursue the space for rent at 3039 W Fullerton as the future home of the Dill Pickle! It is located two blocks away from the California Blue Line station, right across the street from the Logan Square Library. The rent is cheap and the utilities are free! The Wicker Park Food Co-op, a cooperative food buying club, has decided to rent 200 square feet of the space so that their members have a consistent place to pick up orders, while the remaining 1000 sq ft is being held for the Dill Pickle. The WPFC plans to move into the space in October, while the DPFC will need more time to address funding, building inspections, necessary permits, interior design, and many more issues before it will be able to open the store. This is all going to require a lot of work, and we encourage you to lend a hand to speed up the process! Thanks to everybody who sent in suggestions for building inspectors!

Elections/Membership meeting:
The ballots for the Co-op's second annual Board elections have been sent out along with our most recent newsletter (thanks to Board members Kath Duffy and Jen Cozad, and volunteer Kim Hillemeyer for putting it together!) and the results will be announced at our next annual membership meeting this Monday, September 24 at the Logan Square Library (3030 W Fullerton). The meeting will go from 6:30 to 8:30pm. If you haven't sent your completed ballot in by the September 19th deadline, don't worry! You can still bring it in to the member meeting for your vote to be counted.

Board of Directors news:
We have a new Board member! The Board elected Lisa Phillips to fill the remainder of Madeline Fan's term at its August meeting. We hear that Madeline is doing well in her new home of New Hampshire, and she's still checking in and helping the Dill Pickle out! She is a true rock star.

In other news, Board president Kath Duffy has announced that she will be stepping down as president in October because of time constraints, but she will retain her seat on the Board for the rest of her three year term.

The Dill Pickle held its first annual Member Picnic on Sunday, August 9th by the Logan Square Farmer's Market. Although the weather was a little rainy, folks stopped by to offer their support and check in on things. We were even joined by the "Bike Winter" group who were offering a class on the lawn next to us. We look forward to next year's picnic and hope to see you there!

The DPFC also attended a screening of "The Future of Food" at the Kimball Avenue Evangelical Church. It was a great chance to meet and talk to people concerned about where their food is coming from.

Board members Todd Edwards and Kath Duffy also had a great day tabling and talking to people about the Co-op at the Logan Square Farmer's Market on September 9. Our next tabling date is October 14; email us at if you'd be interested in helping out!

There are a number of upcoming informational and networking events that we'd love to have a Pickly presence at, so again, please email us at if you can volunteer some of your time and energy. Thanks!