An open apology from AV-aerie

an open apology to the extended dill pickle co-op and community

my name is marshall preheim and i run AV-aerie, the site of the
intended benefit today, november 17th.

i would like to express my sincere apology for the sequence of events
that have led to the cancellation of this benefit at such an
unacceptably late date. in my interactions with the dill pickle co-op
i have found them to be organized and thoughtful in their questions
and planning of this event and i'd like to make it clear that the
issues resulting in the venue change and subsequent cancellation are
through no fault of theirs but rest on my shoulders.

to answer questions concerning the situation let me offer a brief
summary. a couple contacted me about having their wedding reception
at AV-aerie back in the summer, when AV-aerie still hadn't opened its
doors. with nothing on the calendar i okayed the event, took notes
and details and agreed to talk closer to the event. i entered the
date in the first iteration of what was to become the confirmed/
proposed calendar. the calendar process has changed three times since
then and the original calendar was lost when my laptop died and the
wedding didn't make the last transition.

i have spoken with members of the co-op for years now about wanting to
help promote the dill pickle and to host a benefit for fund-raising.
when i was asked about the 17th the calendar showed the date as open
and so i confirmed it in good faith.

the double booking became apparent at the very last minute and i found
myself in a very difficult position with two events that couldn't be
rescheduled. in searching for solutions i found that i could put the
benefit in the logan auditorium which given it's status seemed like
the best of the less than ideal options.

i have tried to the best of my abilities to do everything in my power
to ease the transition and to coordinate each aspect so as to minimize
the impact on the co-op's behalf and am incredibly regretful of this
outcome. i have no illusions on this subject, i am fully aware that
the fault for this situation is mine alone.

i continue to be very interested in helping to promote and fund-raise
for the co-op. i have no idea how many people this situation has
inconvenienced and disappointed but i know that it's a large number
and i apologize with a heavy heart for having caused this outcome.

i have nothing but respect and best wishes for the dill pickle co-op
organizers and community and i wish to help balance this negative in
the future with successful events on their behalf.


marshall preheim