Dill Pickle Digest December 2007

Hello Pickle People!

A lot has been accomplished over the past 2 years, but much of it has been behind the scenes. Below you will find some highlights since the August/September 2007 Digest.

Hey Picklers! Want to serve on the Board of Directors?

Since we are sadly losing two of our wonderful board members before their terms end, the Co-op's Board of Directors is looking to fill those seats for the remainder of their terms (Gala Mina Orba's te

First Annual Member Picnic

Please join the board members of the Dill Pickle Food Coop for our first annual Member Picnic!

Co-op Digest June 26- July 8

Marketing Materials:

Co-op Digest

Hello members and friends. As you know, members of the Dill Pickle Food Co-op are also owners and as member/owners you have a say in how the Co-op is run.

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