Dill Pickle Food Co-op | 3039 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL

Member Loan Program

The Co-op has re-launched its Member Loan Program for a limited time.  Financing for the store has been mostly member-supported thus far.  Your loan will help the co-op to further self-finance its start-up budget.

Between now and December 15th, 2009, you have the opportunity to help the Dill Pickle Food Co-op in the final push to open the doors in November.  Dill Pickle will accept loans of any size, starting at $500. Member loans qualify for an annually compounded, electable interest rate of 0-3% (for loans under $10,000) or 0-4% (for loans of $10,000 or more), and lenders can choose either a 3-year or 5-year term.
How to Provide a Loan

  • Download and carefully read the Member Loan Packet.
  • Print and complete the Promissory Note and Subscription Agreement (which is part of the Member Loan Packet). Do NOT sign them yet.
  • Make paper copies of your completed, unsigned Promissory Note and Subscription Agreement. SIGN all four of these documents.
  • Mail a check or money order along with both copies of the Promissory Note and the Subscription Agreement to:
    Dill Pickle Food Co-op
    Attn: Member Loan
    P.O.Box 479036
    Chicago, IL 60647
  • The Board President will sign the copies and return one of each for your records.

Note: A check or money order must be present with the original documents before we sign a copy.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns about making a Member Loan to the Dill Pickle, please contact Board Treasurer Payton Chung (payton.chung@dillpickle.coop) or Board President Billy Burdett (billy.burdett@dillpickle.coop).

Thanks for your support!