the dill pickle food co-op

Co-op Digest June 26- July 8

Marketing Materials:

The Co-op’s new banner was debuted at the Logan Square Farmer’s Market today. We offer a special thank you to Dill Pickle Food Co-op member Gretchen Hasse, for her help with designing the banner. There is also a new co-op flier, written by board member Billy Burdett, which has been completed and uploaded to the files section of gogocoop. The flier explains the vision of the Co-op, addresses frequently asked questions, and provides people with the chance to become members.

Support From Other Area Groups:

The Co-op was contacted by Dylan Tuttle, the business services coordinator for Jane Adams Resource Corporation. This group is a workforce development agency involved in community and economic development. Dylan offered to assist the Co-op with marketing.

Pastor Bruce Ray of Kimball Avenue Evangelical Church contacted the Co-op and invited us to attend his church’s screening of “The Future of Food” on Friday, August 10 at 8:00pm. To find out more about the Kimball Avenue Church and this event visit

Member Picnic:

Please join the board members of the Dill Pickle Food Coop for our First Annual Member Picnic! The Coop Board will be hosting a day of fun to celebrate our accomplishments and thank you for your support. Details are below. We hope you will attend!

Location: We will be picnicing on the grass next to the Logan Square Farmer's Market near the Southeast corner of Logan Blvd. and Milwaukee Ave.
Date: Sunday, August 19 11:00am-2:00pm
Who's invited: All members and friends
What we will be doing: It's a social. There will be games: balloon toss, tug-o-war, and bag races.
What to bring: Food to eat and share. Feel free to bring musical instruments too.
Special Notes: We encourage you to visit the Farmer's Market and then join us. Check out their website

If you need more information call Jen Cozad 773-577-1985 or email her at


The Dill Pickle Food Co- op website has been updated and new events have been placed on the calendar. Of special note are the Member Picnic and our upcoming Board Elections. Next week we will be adding to the “Links” area of our website. We want to support other area cooperatives and help you to identify them.

Goodbye to Two Friends of the Coop:

Two special Co-op board members will be leaving our ranks this month. Madeline Fan and her family are moving to Connecticut and Gala Mina is going to be doing some world traveling. The Co-op is grateful for all of the help they have given us. We wish them both the best of luck.

Board Meeting:

The July Board Meeting is on Monday, July 9 at 6:30pm at the Logan Square Public Library. Anyone is welcome to attend. Afterwards at 8:00pm we will be taking a tour of a building across from the library that is a possible location for the Co-op. Our next board meeting is on August 13 at 6:30pm at the Logan Square Library (check our website for updated information).

Farmer’s Market:

The Co-op had a table at the Log an Square Farmer’s Market on Sunday. We would like to thank board members Scott Althoff and Jen Cozad as well as Dill Pickle member Kristin Hofer for volunteering to represent the Co-op and talk with people. We have found that the L.S. Farmer’s Market is a great place for us to promote the Co-op and recruit new members. We also use that time to talk with each other and brainstorm ideas. The Co-op will be at the Farmer’s Market again on Sunday, August 12. We really encourage you to stop by and chat with us. Your thoughts and ideas are important and we need your input.