Meeting Notes

Board meeting notes coming soon

Once approved, board meeting minutes will be posted here.

September 13th Steering Committee Meeting

At: Wicker Park Library
Attendance: Stephanie, Scott, Emily, Jen, Billy, Madeline, Todd

Board Elections
Lawyer Laddie Lushin/Incorporation Schedule
Member Survey
Grant/Loan from Wicker Park Food Cooperative

Board Elections:
Stephanie to be Election Chair
Madeline to send out email to describe board responsibilities, requirements, bio description , training, and date due to sent to Stephanie’s email address

Stephanie will collect and collate bios into a document , design ballot and print out ballots and bios- 82 copies for mailing.

We will need – 2x stephanie’s work address labels

August 30th Membership Meeting

At: Wicker Park Library, 7 pm
Attendance: Carol, Elise, Billy Michael, Scott, Stephanie, Cory
Judith, Kristin, Jen, Josh, Steven, Madeline, Rachel, Jesse, 2 others

Financial and Membership reports
Jen: 82 members, paypal and word of mouth is very successful
$96 dollars in paypal and 5273.23 in the bank. Paypal money is transferred periodically into the bank account. We’ve only written one check for co-op training

Kristin: tabling in wicker park, logan square. Pamphlets done called “Feel Good about your Grocery store. Please take home and share.

Business Report
Josh: Steering committee meetings have been weekly in August moving to biweekly meetings now.

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