Member-owners are invited to get involved in the co-op by participating in committees. The following committees have been established to focus on short- and long-term priorities for the co-op.

Communication Strategy
This committee is charged with making recommendations to the Board in how to improve communication within the membership community as well as between members and the Board. This committee is also charged by the General Manager to make recommendations on communication and marketing strategies for store operations.
Chair: Annette Stahelin |
Board Liason: Jessi Allender

To assist the Board in strategic planning, and member and commercial loan management.
Co-chairs: Joe Lanter & Carter O’Brien |
Board Liason: Kevin Monahan

An ad hoc committee dedicated to assisting the Board and General Manager with federal, state, and local laws pertaining to retail food operations, labor law, and contract review and creation.
Chair: OPEN |
Board Liaison: Kevin Monahan

To assist the Board with identifying and promoting potential board director candidates, and managing the annual election process as part of the Annual Meeting.
Chair: OPEN |
Board Liaison: Kath Duffy

To assist the Board with educating the public by sharing skills or knowledge, serving the community by providing volunteer time or financial contributions, and by committing to see that the co-op “be a good neighbor” as an active business in Logan Square. El Pepinillo is a sub-committee of Outreach that focuses on the Latino community within Logan Square.
Chair: OPEN |
Board Liaison: Lisa Junkin