Dill Pickle Food Co-op | 3039 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL

Hands-On Owner

Every successful grocery co-op depends on a large member volunteer system to keep the store stocked and running smoothly.  The Dill Pickle's Hands-On Owners program (HOO) enables members to take an active role in the business operations of the store.

Benefit Available to All Members

 The new Hands-On Owners (HOO) program allows member owners to receive up to 15% off on all their purchases by making a long-term commitment to volunteering. Volunteer four times in a four week period (a total of 8 hours) and receive the full 15% off for that time period. The discount goes down incrementally if you're able to help out thrice, twice or once in the month. To set up a volunteer duty, just respond to this email or stop by the store.

The Details

  • Volunteer opportunities are approximately 2 hours long (perishable drop-off and other off-site duties may take slightly less time). As a thank-you gift, HOOs will receive a tiered discount on groceries for one month, starting the date they first volunteer.

  • HOOs that sign up to volunteer once in the month will be thanked with a 4% discount, twice with an 8% discount, three times with a 12% discount and four times with a 15% discount. This discount will be applied in full for four weeks, beginning the first date the HOO volunteers.

  • HOOs are not required to commit to the same time slot and duty each week; they may volunteer more than once in the week and may do back-to-back duties (not exceeding four hours). The appropriate discount will be programmed into the store's register system under the member-owner's name and will be applied automatically and in full for for four weeks from the first volunteer duty. Please note that certain items in the store are not eligible for discount, including items already on sale and those the store keeps at a slim margin (e.g. meat).

  • HOOs may volunteer via email or sign up at the store. Stockers are needed every day from open till close: Mon-Sat 9am to 9pm, Sundays 10am to 8pm. Perishable drop off Tuesdays at 3pm and Thursdays at 11:30am.

    To sign up, email sharon.hoyer@dillpickle.coop