Dill Pickle Food Co-op | 3039 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL

Board of Directors

The current Dill Pickle Board of Directors.  Directors serve for a 3-year term.

Lisa Junkin | lisa.junkin@dillpickle.coop | President
2nd Year

Lisa Junkin is an art educator and activist who works with diverse communities in Chicago.  She currently directs the education program at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum and has experience working in museums, schools, and art organizations in Chicago and Washington DC.  Lisa enjoyed living cooperatively in Hyde Park for three years and served as chair of the co-op's board of directors from 2006-7.  Since 2009 Lisa has served on the Dill Pickle Hiring and Outreach committees and joined the Board in 2010.

Chris Fagnant | chris.fagnant@dillpickle.coop | Vice-President
1st Year

Kevin Monahan |
kevin.monahan@dillpickle.coop | Treasurer
1st Year (re-elected in 2011)

Kevin joined the co-op in 2007, and the board in 2008.  For five years prior to joining the board, Kevin was an active member of the Chicago Food Co-op, a local food buying club co-op.  With a graduate degree in computer science and a resume spanning Arthur Andersen to Old Town School of Folk Music, Kevin brings a variety of professional experiences to the board.  Kevin is also a founding member of a new housing co-op in Logan Square.

Jessica Weisbach | jessica.weisbach@dillpickle.coop | Secretary
3rd Year

Jessica became an active member of the Dill Pickle in the 2008.  She began her involvement as the volunteer coordinator and has successfully connected many current committee members/volunteers to tasks and responsibilities necessary for the opening of our co-op.  Jessica organized the first meeting of the outreach committee and continues to be an active member of this group by working at the farmers' market, participating in our Latino outreach subcommittee, and a variety of other activities that promote membership and awareness to members of our community.  During the day, Jessica works as the school social worker at a local charter high school focusing on building community within the school, developing positive communication skills with both students, staff and parents, and promoting effective conflict management.  She also leads the Eco-Action club at her school and looks forward to finding ways for her students to contribute to the DPFC.  She joined the Board in 2009.

Gajus Miknaitis |
2nd Year (re-elected in 2010)

Gajus was a member of Seattle's Central Co-op and enjoyed its extensive selection of organic and natural foods while studying physics in graduate school at the University of Washington.  Upon returning to his native Chicago to begin a postdoctoral position with the Experimental Astrophysics Group at Fermilab, he was disappointed at the absence of any similar food co-ops in the area.  Excited to learn of the Dill Pickle Food Co-op's nascent effort, he became involved immediately and now serves on the membership, space and business committees, as well as being recently elected to the board of directors.  Gajus has served the Board since 2007 and is currently in his 2nd term.

Lars Söderkvistlars.soderkvist@dillpickle.coop
1st Year

Lars was a member of residential and dining co-ops in college, where he became involved in co-op governance and also gained the skill to cook dinner for 110 people but mysteriously not for one or two. For a couple of early post-college years he toiled in the non-cooperative segment of the natural foods industry selling bulk foods, coffee, specialty cheeses, beer, and wine. A long-time member of the Hyde Park Cooperative Society, he's been a member-owner of the Dill Pickle since 2006 and serves on the communication strategy committee. Professionally Lars is a graphic designer who's worked extensively with universities, museums, and other nonprofit clients. He also co-founded and was the managing editor of the Chicago-based visual arts magazine TENbyTEN. Currently he explores the city with his young son and keeps a sharp eye out for opportunities to steer people to the Dill Pickle.

Kath Duffy | kath.duffy@dillpickle.coop
3rd Year (re-elected in 2009)

Kath founded the organizing efforts of the Dill Pickle Food Coop in late 2005 with an email to 40 friends that resulted in over 300 responses.  She served as the first President of the Board of Directors.  Kath earns her keep as the Communications Organizer for the Campaign for Better Health Care, is a member of the concert production staff of the Old Town School of Folk Music, and is a co-founder of the public art group Anti Gravity Surprise.  In 2009, Kath was re-elected to serve the Board for a 2nd term.

Billy Burdett |
3rd Year (re-elected in 2009)

Having previously co-founded the Oregon Wildlife Federation's Activist Collective and worked as a Hands-On Owner at People's Food Co-op in Portland, Oregon, it has been a great thrill for Billy to employ his experience in the service of establishing and strengthening the only community-owned, cooperative grocery store in his home town of Chicago.  Billy was one of the founding members of the Dill Pickle, and he has proudly served on the Board of Directors since it was first elected in 2006.  While serving as President from mid 2008 to early 2010, Billy oversaw the Co-op's unprecedented (and successful) effort to open its doors in 2009 as a 100% community-funded business.  He is currently serving his 2nd term on the Board, and is also an active member of the Co-op's Storefront and Finance committees.  Billy spends the rest of his time working with children as a tutor and music teacher, performing and recording as a one-man band, working on sustainable year-round gardening projects, exploring the sand dunes and swamps of SW Michigan, and finding new ways to prepare all of the wonderful ingredients to be found at the Pickle.  Most of these things he especially likes doing with his lovely partner (and dedicated Dill Pickle Hands-On Owner!) Katie.

Suzanne Keers | suzanne.keers@dillpickle.coop
2nd Year

Suzanne Keers is the owner of Main Street Innovations, a consulting company
devoted to helping business owners grow and optimize their companies.  She
is also a co-founder and the Treasurer of Local First Chicago, a
not-for-profit organization formed to educate members of the public,
business leaders and local governments regarding the economic and social
benefits provided by locally owned and independent businesses in Chicago.
She has 25 years of experience in consulting and management with deep
knowledge of quality management, process improvement and general management.
She holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from the
University of Wisconsin at Madison, an MBA from the University of Chicago
and a Certificate in Liberal Arts from the Basic Program at the University
of Chicago.  Suzanne has served as a Malcolm Baldrige Business Excellence
Senior Evaluator and an Illinois Lincoln Award for Excellence Evaluator.